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Time to Ramp up Efforts against the Super Stress Era

According to JWT´s Top Ten Trends for 2013, we are entering a Super Stress Era. Click to see article.

“Stress is mounting around the globe and (that) governments, employers and brands alike will need to ramp up efforts to help prevent and reduce it”.

So is it time for event organizers and companies to take Event Wellness Initiate seriously?

Event organizers need to consider the wellness of their delegates, as tired and exhausted event participants very rarely deliver on business objectives.

By incorporating wellness activities and better menu selections at events, results will naturally increase.

Delegates will be more relaxed, focused and creative if they are free of tensions and pains. Start the day with a 5 km run around the city with a personal trainer, or offer a relaxation area at a congress to massage away tired feet and tension held in the back and shoulders.

Offer Tai Chi or Yoga to re-energize people and clear minds of the stress they have been holding onto all week and offer delegates choice of healthy foods that enhance their mind power and energy levels instead of feeling drained and in need of a siesta.

Alternatively incorporate within an education program a talk on Stress Management and enhance skills in Delegation and Time Management so people can learn the tools they need to help themselves.

Whether you have 10 minutes or a whole day investing in health and wellness is today an essential part of an effective event strategy.

As “healthy people make healthy organisations”.

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