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 "People are your greatest asset and a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital for business success"

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Inner Sense offers consultation and wellness activities to help you create health and happiness in your events and in the workplace.

Our corporate wellness services include Wellness Lounges for your event, workshops and classes like Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness and morning Social Runs. We also offer talks on subjects like Stress Management, Wellness and Sustainability

You can create happiness and wellness in your event or work place by offering a Massage Service or a Wellness Lounge at your next conference or a Meditation? Zone in house.  A space and time for people to relax, reflect and refocus.

Research shows the benefits of reduced stress means healthier and happier people. In business this means better communications, greater creativity and more effective people.



Create a special space in your conference for people to de-stress, recharge and refocus. An area where people can come and pause for a moment and experience a series of short wellness sessions. 
From Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Relaxations, Visualizations, Breathing techniques and Mindfulness exercises. An example of this is our collaboration with the IMEX Be Well Lounge.



We offer classes and workshops to help people reduce stress and focus? their minds.

Sessions include mindful activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Mindfulness as well as activities such as Running and Dance.

We also offer personal development workshops and talks on Wellness, Stress Management, Time Management and Sustainability.



Our professional, experienced and highly qualified masseurs offer a moment of relaxation, and stress release.  Treat your attendees and staff to our Inner Sense Massage Service and give them an unforgettable moment.

Our services include Hand Massages, Reflexology, Head Shoulder and Back Massages

Sessions from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours on massage tables or massage chairs.

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Research shows that the benefits of Wellness and reducing stress include healthier and happier people, better communications, more creativity and more effective people.  All positive ingredients for an effective event or an efficient work force.

For corporates, the trend is to manage the health and happiness of your workforce, essential not only for the reasons above but also for attracting and keeping talent and minimising the high costs of absenteeism and staff turnover. By offering help to create a better work life balance for your staff you start to create a healthier and happier and more efficient work environment.

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Creating Wellness in your event or company not only benefits the individuals who participate in the activities, but also your event or organisation..


• Increased productivity
• Enhanced creativity
• Reduced absenteeism  
• Attract and retention of talent
• Motivated teams
• Better work environment
• More effective teamwork


• Reduction in levels of stress
• Reduced anxiety and irritability
• Physical and mental relaxation
• Enhanced concentration and effectiveness
• Increased energy levels and motivation
• Improved communications
• Feeling healthier and happier

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Inner Sense

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Inner Sense was founded in 2008 by Victor Angel and Janet Cheung. 

We have worked in the Events sector and with Corporates for over 15 years with repeat clients such as IMEX, MCI, EIBTM, Fira de Barcelona, HPBO, TEVA…

We both come from the business world and fully understand the needs and requirements of companies and event organizers, so it is important for us to provide a professional and fully managed service for our clients.

We also appreciate the stressful lives of the business environment and the challenges of finding work life balance and we hope that each of our activities and talks will bring your people that little bit closer and more conscious of the importance of looking after themselves.

We have both managed to refocus our lives into the wellness world. Victor has a background in consulting and telecommunications in Vodafone, Auna and Abertis and is now a Gestalt Therapist and a Bioenergetics and Yoga Instructor.  Janet has worked for many years as a consultant in PwC and is now a health practitioner in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki.

We both understand the importance of balance in our personal and work life and we would both like give back to the business world what we have learnt for ourselves.

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